Support and Solidarity to brave Turkish Social Workers


As you read this post, social workers in Turkey are engaging in courageous social action. The Turkish Association of Social Workers have opened their offices in Istanbul and Ankara over the past five days in order to give practical and emotional support to activists who are involved in the recent uprising and trade union strikes in Turkey. They have withstood a recent tear gas attack on their Ankara office (June 3rd). They are also trying to support children, social workers and student social workers who need legal support.

The uprising began as a demonstration to protect Gezi Park and now this has transformed into a mass movement against Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his authoritarian government.

We here in the Social Work Action Network Ireland want to take this moment to send messages of support and solidarity to our colleagues in Turkey. As a profession that works to principles of human rights, liberation, empowerment and social justice, we stand shoulder to shoulder with the social workers in Turkey as they truly bring these messages to life.

Please send message of solidarity to TASW at the following email address:
sosyalhizmetuzmanlari [at]

Greek Social Work Action Network message of solidarity:

Turkish Association of Social Workers statement:

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