Housing Action Now – Manifesto for Housing

Get yourself to this important meeting on Thursday in the Teachers Club, Dublin at 6pm. Members of the Dublin SWAN group will be there. We urgently need to align with grassroots groups like this in order to properly empower the people we work with.

From the Housing Action Now website: “A housing bubble. Not enough supply. Not enough credit. We hear so much about the housing market, but for the majority of us the reality is an ongoing housing crisis. At the heart of this crisis is the government’s failure to create a housing policy that guarantees everyone’s access to a home. The market-based policies of debt-fuelled home ownership have not only failed – they have undermined the right to housing for hundreds of thousands across Ireland.

So begins our manifesto for the right to housing, which we will be launching on Thursday June 12th at 6pm in the teachers club. More details here: https://housingactionireland.wordpress.com/2014/05/29/were-launching-our-housing-manifesto/ .

The manifesto has been developed to provide a snapshot of the housing crisis and present solutions in a an accessible format. We hope it will help to bring together all those who believe housing is something that none of us can live without or should have to live with out.

You can download the full version here: https://housingactionireland.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/housing_action_now_long_edit.pdf. We’ve also prepared a shorter version for sharing online, which you can download here: https://housingactionireland.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/housing_action_now_short_withlink.pdf.”


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