Educators and Researchers Stand up for Social Work!


On Friday  (17 October, 2014) the annual meeting of the ‘All Ireland Social Work Educators and Researchers’ Forum’ took place. Held this year at the National University of Ireland (NUI) Galway and representing  social work educators, located in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, this motion was agreed;

“Noting the opposition of social work students and other concerned groups, this meeting of social work educators from all parts of the island of Ireland

Condemns plans to introduce a ‘graduate placement scheme’, or similar renamed scheme, because it:

   1.    Implies that newly qualified, CORU registered social workers, are not fully qualified and entitled to take their place in the workforce at the appropriate salary level.

   2.   Devalues the credibility of CORU accredited social work programmes, including the fact that students complete lengthy assessed placements as part of their professional education.”

The Social Work Action Network Ireland welcomes the passing of this important motion and sees this as a positive step in the building of strong alliances between students, educators, researchers and practitioners throughout all of Ireland in the fight against the attempt to deskill and demoralise social work in Ireland.



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