Statement Regarding Proposed Cuts to One Parent Family Payment


SWAN Ireland* stands in solidarity with lone parent groups and other agencies in strongly opposing changes to lone parent family payments for the reasons that have been outlined here

( see

In addition to this, as frontline practitioners, we work on a daily basis with people who have been marginalised and excluded from society. Consequently, we see the devastating affects that poverty, and all it’s incumbant facets, have in disempowering individuals, families, communities and society in general. It seems beyond belief that in the years since the Report of Commission to Enquire into Child Abuse ( 2009, also known as the Ryan Report) was published, which revealed the systematic failures of the state to protect some of the most vulnerable families in Ireland’s history, that we see yet again, the state is set to implement policies which serve to marginalise some of the most vulnerable families in Irish society. Without good quality childcare and family supports in place, certain lone parent families will be pushed further into poverty, thereby placing their health, welfare and well-being at greater risk. This not only undermines the capacity of parents to care for their children adequately but also serves to undermine how we can care for the more vulnerable in society. This anti-care approach creates deeper fractures in our society, akin to what was evidenced by the Ryan Report (2009).

SWAN ( Social Work Action Network) Ireland consists of a number of social work, social care practitioners, academics and users of services who promote a radical approach to working with people who are marginalised and disenfranchised within Irish society. Instead of looking to the people who traditionally hold positions of power, we support a bottom up approach to resolving issues that affect people by engaging collaboratively with affected groups.


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