Rabble wants to hear from you about your experiences of labour activation programmes!!

Following the release of the emotionally charged  film I Daniel Blake, that offers a chilling insight into the devastating human impact of labour activation programmes in the UK, Rabble are interested to hear from anyone about their personal experiences of labour activation programmes in Ireland, such as Gateway or Tús. 

 If you have personal experience of these schemes, or if you are working with someone who has been attending such a programme, Rabble would really like to hear from you  (see link below) .

 These schemes are of huge concern as they represent another change to the relationship between the state and it’s citizen’s in terms of providing welfare, and for citizen well-being. In a recent article in the Village magazine (http://villagemagazine.ie/index.php/2015/01/privatisation-kicks-in-quietly-and-unquestioned/) Mary Murphy, from NUIM, outlined key concerns about the way these schemes are being operated by private companies, as has been happening in the UK, where they have had devastating consequences for the most vulnerable in society. What is more worrying is that the privisation of welfare services through these schemes is happening silently and without debate. This is why it is of great importance to have your voice heard. Please see the link below.

Thanks from SWAN Steering Committee



Link for Rabble: http://www.rabble.ie/2016/10/24/are-you-daniel-blake/



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