Issue 3 Frontline hot off the net!

The latest edition of SWAN Ireland’s Frontline bulletin is now available to download from the following link  frontline-dec-2016-issue . In this exciting new edition we have excellent contributions from a number of other Networks and contributors from Ireland and abroad who champion issues of social justice! The bulletin deliberates over the continuing and embedded ‘care-less’ approach institutionalised within many of Ireland’s state systems and hears from those who are championing radical and critical responses to these injustices. We hear the views of the Care Leavers Ireland Network on what they see as essential to ensuring radical change to Ireland’s care system. The Irish Housing Network  suggest a collaborative approach in responding to the housing crisis and increasing homelessness, with a role for SWAN members in challenging housing injustice. We hear about the ongoing battles for recognition ( material) and respect from SPARK, as lone parent families continue to experience increased rates of poverty and injustice. We also hear about why it is essential that we keep on remembering those who tragically died in the CarrickMines fire, in the battle to ensure the rights of travellers are recognised in Ireland. And… much more.. go on, have a look and please, do get back to us with your views on any of the issues discussed within. We’d love to hear from you!


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