Support for Appollo House!

Please see this post from the Irish Housing Network who are seeking support services for Appollo House. If you are able to help out in anyway please email Tonight someone with first aid training, CPR and/or someone who works in homeless or community services.

******** Call Out For Volunteers *************

We are contacting you to asking for support for direct action being taken in Dublin to tackle the homeless crisis.

Last night the Irish Housing Network supported Home Sweet Home in an action to intervene in the housing crisis and save lives. Apollo House, a building that has been left vacant for 6 years was opened to people who were otherwise sleeping rough on the streets.
The action was taken as a response to the deaths on our streets. The action was taken to ensure dignity for people left vulnerable and unsupported by government. The Irish Housing Network believes that this crisis is not about resources but about lack of political will to put the needs of the people above private interest.

There are 3 ways you can help

1) You can directly volunteer for this action, just fill out the form at the link here…/1FAIpQLSeTc-i82G8c_JCyQ…/viewform…

2) You can join any of the teams that will be there to support this action, these are admin, maintenance, security, support (physical and emotional), donation/supplies inside and media, artist group, finance, legal and outreach outside.. Please reply indicating the team you want to be in.

3) Finally If you can’t, for whatever reason, do any of these we would ask you/your group to publically support the action, by directly publically stating your support for direct action or using the action to raise any of the issues with the housing, homeless and accommodation crisis.

Please leave your, Name, number, email and which of 1,2,3 you can do.



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