Social Work Action Network and Home Sweet Home

Hi all,

As you all must be aware, Home Sweet Home launched a superb action to highlight the serious inadequacy of the government response to the now out of control homelessness issue here in Ireland. Since it began it’s action, Home Sweet Home (HSH), which includes membership from Irish Housing Network (IHN), the Artists and Trade Unionists, and a huge number of volunteers, has provided a range of vital supports and services to residents of Apollo House, and through it’s partnership with the PeterMcVerryTrust also. HSH has also been providing support through it’s outreach service, to those who are forced to sleep rough in Dublin city, due to the continued lack of suitable and affordable housing options.

SWAN Ireland is a member of the IHN and some of our members have been busy volunteering with this action, or helping behind the scenes. If you have been involved with Apollo House in any way, we’d love to hear from you! Please email us at, or PM us on facebook as we’d love to hear about your experiences and try and liaise with you about Home Sweet Home and about any other future actions. We want to build the SWAN Ireland movement, so that we can ensure that the values of  partnership, empowerment and social justice are to the forefront of all care work.  We look forward to hearing from you!


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