Support needed for National Housing Demonstration

Please see the following request from our colleagues in the Irish Housing Network. Get involved if you can!

“From 13 families on the street last week to deteriorating conditions in hostels, it’s clear the homeless and housing crisis is only getting worse. Proposals to move families to warehouses such as Bargaintown, rising rents and more evictions are only the start of a worsening crisis. Inner City Helping Homeless have called for a national homeless demonstration on the 17th of June, supported so far by the Irish Housing Network and open to all groups to support. As the crisis gets worse, it is time to start working together. The 17th is only the beginning.

Get Involved
We need your help to organise and promote the national demo. On Thursday the 8th June, at 7pm we will have a public meeting, with information on how to get involved. It will be in Lloyds Bar, Amiens Street. Detail are here:

Otherwise Please contact National Homeless Demonstration on facebook, Irish Housing Network or Inner City Homeless or email or to get involved

We need help recruiting volunteers , contacting groups around the country, leafleting, postering, door knocking and setting up stalls. social media and media promotion and organising the logistics for the day such PA, Stewards etc.

Our Demands
There are immediate issues that have be dealt in Emergency accommodation to tackle the terrible conditions and horrible mistreatment of residents.

Emergency accommodation Independent review: Independent human rights and care review of all from private to charity and state run
Emergency Accommodation, as a center of care: 24hr access, Fully funded response team & wrap around supports centering mental health, security and privacy for all residents, full and enforceable complaint procedures implemented.
No to Family Hubs. Warehousing families is not a solution. Homes not hubs

We need to tackle the causes of homeless and the wider housing crisis

No evictions and security of tenure Private Rental Market: No Economic Evictions. Security of Tenure and affordable rents for all
Build and Buy Social housing: Build social housing for all. Usage of 183,000 empty houses as social housing. Buy portfolios from NAMA.
Mortgages Write down. On negative equity for those in mortgage distress in their single family home”.

Thank you,

The IHN Outreach team








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